Edwards Distribution utilizes the newest trucks built to accommodate your customers.

We run full tractor trailers which allow us to deliver larger volumes from a single manufacturer or consolidate products from multiple manufacturers. This provides scheduling flexibility and reduced freight cost. Our trailers are 53 feet in length, air ride only and logistics track set at 24” centers.

We also have five 26’ straight trucks with lift gates for maneuverability through the cities.

And for those really tough areas, we have two 16’ straight tucks and two 10’ cargo vans.

Edwards Distribution Services is also equipped with storage trailers when the job site just isn’t ready and you need us to hold the product for a few weeks or months.

Product handling:

We utilize only the right equipment for your product. We use oversize Lift Gates for those street side deliveries. Four wheel dollies, two wheel pneumatic hand trucks, Panel carts, Blanket pads, "E" track Logistics track, straps, load bars and Pal Core for added protection.

Call us at 888.721.3099 or contact us online and see how we can help you!